UHP Water jetting & blasting

Our UHP water jet is a powerful solution for hydro-demo, scabbling & industrial cleaning for commercial and industrial projects.

Our ultra high pressure water jetting service with pressures up to 40,000psi, quickly removes tough, hazardous and contaminated materials such as paint, elastomers, epoxy, corrosion, scale, soluble salts, microscopic solids and chemical contaminants from any kind of surface without damaging underlying substrates.

The UHP water jet is a powerful and efficient process with no chemicals or abrasives making it an ecological and safe option as it does not generate sparks. This makes it ideal for cleaning and
stripping machinery or plant, or cutting steel without the need for plant shutdown, as it's an intrinsically safe procedure.

The UHP offers a fast solution of hydro-scabbling to remove the top aggragate to expose a profiled surface where the reinforcing can be inspected, re-coated, then a new coat of plaster applied.

The UHP also offers a highly effective solution for Hydro-demolition, as we can precisely target and remove concrete, causing no vibration or dust. We can blast away faulty concrete and descale and polish the re-bar, without causing any damage to the reinforcing, leaving a rough concrete surface to re-instate.



Our blasting service can be light and delicate enough to remove paint from a light bulb, through to having the abrasive strength to remove rust from structural steel. We offer onsite project based abrasive garnet and sodium blasting which leaves the profile to SA2.5 standard.

We provide a complete service including scaffolding, containment, ventilation and recovery. And for challenging projects or large items that require blasting on-site, we have a specialised mobile blasting unit enabling us to come to you and blast on-site.


  • Garnet/Sand blasting
  • Soda blasting for use in food grade areas ensuring no contaminants

If you're interested in uhp or blasting, please contact Nick to discuss what you need and how we can help   

NICK Wormald   –   nickw@connectgroup.co.nz  –  DDI 03 595 0965  – mobile 022 657 8204




What our customers are saying

I was impressed with the excellent communication of the Concrete Connect team from the initial site visit, to delivery of quotes through to undertaking our project.

Paul Dalgety, Ashburton Arts Centre