Earthquake Repairs & Strengthening

Earthquake Repairs & Strengthening

The Connect Group are highly trained specialists with over ten years extensive experience with a wide variety of projects.

As leaders in the field of high pressure epoxy injection (as there are no New Zealand standards for injection) The Connect Group trained in Germany to learn proven results to meet strict European Standards and deliver the best results for their clients assets.

The Connect Group will assess and design complete repair strategies and engineered solutions for even the most challenging and complex projects for earthquake repairs & strengthening. This can include confined spaces and large infrastructure projects. They also have the capability to repair failed injection of other applicators, using highly specialised and innovative techniques.

Each project is individually assessed by one of our professional consultants and The Connect Group can manage your entire repair project, from repairs, to strengthening, fireproofing and commercial painting. And we have mobile teams that can travel nationwide to ensure the structural integrity of your asset is restored to the highest possible standards.

  • Pre-cast concrete panels cracked during construction, from excessive concrete shrinkage, dynamic loading from impact or tension, or caused by earthquakes.
  • Cracked concrete floor slabs, ring foundations, garage floors, suspended slabs, cantilevered slabs.
  • Concrete superstructure repairs including columns, beams, heavy foundations, sheerwalls, post tension beams & floors, infrastructure such as bridges, tunnels, wastewater treatment, dams & water reservoirs, using specialised rigid epoxy injection.
  • Concrete waterproofing for pools, basements, water treatment plants, storage tanks, rock walls, tunnels, water reservoirs & retaining walls, using specialised polyurethane injection.
  • Concrete blockwork, stone facades, multiple skin brick facades, natural & formed rock walls & tunnels, using cementitious injection

To arrange a scope and quote, please contact our Technical Sales Consultant, Shane Nicoll

SHANE Nicoll    –   – DDI 03 595 0967  –  mobile 021 235 3236 

What our customers are saying

I have found Concrete Connect to be very professional, deliver a 'bloody' good job, and give the client confidence. Overall I have been very impressed dealing with them.

Owen Rees - Quantity Surveyor, HRS Construction