Grinding, polishing and drilling

Grinding, polishing and drilling

Our team provides grinding, drilling and polishing services for residential or commercial projects.


Adhering to our core values you can trust us to be reliable and expect us to deliver our brand promise of Best People Best Results. We've developed methodologies, strict quality assurance systems and health and safety procedures. Our grinding system uses a vacuum separator to collect all the grinding dust as we're working, which we remove from the site, leaving the working area clean and tidy. We provide the following grinding services:

  • Aggressive grinding to remove the surface layer to a specified depth
  • Removal of tough surface remnants left from previous floor coatings
  • Preparing the floor for re-surfacing
  • Grinding to a scuffed or smooth finish
  • Concrete polishing 

As we also have a specialist repair division and an industrial coatings division, if your project requires repairs, grinding and then a coating applied, we have the ability to take care of the entire project. 


With a range of various sized core drills we provide a specialist core drilling service to core through concrete, and we guarantee we won't hit steel as we use a hand-held scanning device to detect reinforcing. Our wet drilling system
uses a minimal amount of water, and we use an innovative wet vaccum system during the drilling to collect the
excess water, so the working area isn't left saturated with water.  

For enquires about any of these services, please contact:

SHANE Nicoll    –   – DDI 03 595 0967  –  mobile 021 235 3236







What our customers are saying

It was refreshing dealing with a team that turned up on time, and the communication around the work being undertaken was best practice. The workmanship was of an excellent standard and I highly recommend Concrete Connect.