Re-repairing failed injection

Re-repairing failed injection

Commercial buildings in Canterbury are at high risk of failed injection repairs!

The New Zealand building industry has no standard for concrete crack injection. There are no indepth guidelines for correct injection techniques and procedures. There are no qualifications or training required to offer crack injection services. The lack of understanding and knowledge about correct procedures and testing, along with repairers often being chosen by price, rather than a proven repair strategy, has created a high risk of failed injection to commercial buildings in Canterbury.

Given that the purpose of the repair is to return the building to structural integrity, the lack of an approved standard for this is worrying. The Australian Standard (HB84-2006 Guide to Concrete Repair and Protection) comprises of 4 pages relating to crack repair, states "all of the cracks must be filled completely", but falls well short of articulating what "filled completely" means, what percentage is acceptable, or how this should be verified. Our research of global standards identified the European Standards (EN1504) as being the most comprehensive international protocol for the repair and protection of concrete, comprising of 44 pages dedicated to concrete injection and providing detailed information on the processes.

The Connect Group (formerly Concrete Connect) are Award Winning specialists, and trained in Germany to meet European Standards. Due to our concerns about what we saw happening in the industy immediately following the earthquakes, we hosted seminars, communicated with government, developed an industry code of practice and spoke at the annual Concrete Conference about the need for a standard and the components required for successful injection. Yet it's the building owner who is directly impacted and needs to understand and ensure their expensive asset is correctly repaired.

core testingIf your building has had crack injection repairs completed, ideally the repairs should have been signed off as successful, only after visual core tests have been taken (image shows core test) and sighted to show proof of the penetration depth of the resin. Following European Standards injection should achieve a minimum of 80% resin penetration to be deemed a success.  

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