Introducing an Industry code of practice for crack injection

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The New Zealand building industry has no standard for concrete crack injection, yet given the thousands of buildings requiring repair due to the earthquakes, with the purpose to restore the building to it's structural integrity, the lack of a standard is worrying. The number of businesses who offer crack injection has risen dramatically, yet without guidelines, training or a standard to be held accountable, we are seeing the consequence of failed injection leading to litigation and expensive re-remediation! Due to our concerns, we presented a paper and speech at the NZ Concrete Conference on this subject and in collaboration with CCANZ are developing an Industry Code of Practice.

It's our belief all relevant parties will benefit from the introduction of a NZ Standard, or Industry Code of Practice.

  1. Building owners need confidence of a benchmark to ensure their assets are repaired to a level of safety, structural integrity and longevity.
  2. Insurers need the guidance of an approved process clearly stipulating repair standards which contractual obligations can be measured and quantified.
  3. Structural engineers need the technical data to include in repair specifications and sign off at completion.
  4. Applicators need the certainty of a known process for application and testing, along with ideally training and industry accountability.

What our customers are saying

We work closely with Concrete Connect and always find them reliable and responsible. Their knowledge and advice is excellent, and they go out of their way to help in any way possible.

Dave Anderson - Project Manager, Calder Stewart Industries